Visit Delhi, India

February 27, 2018
Car Rental Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India signifies the rich past as well as the thriving present of the country. While looking for the Best India Travel, Delhi is surely the perfect place to visit. Car Rental Delhi helps the tourists to visit the various places of this historical city. This is capital city seamlessly blends the ancient with the modern. The rich history of Delhi states the British made it their capital moving the seat from Kolkata. Since then, it has been the capital of India for 100 years now. With centuries-old history, Delhi not only showcases India’s ancient culture but also the rapid modernization of the country. It has been the capital of different powerful empires even before the British Era and the ancient forts, monuments and tombs which are carefully preserved depicts the same.

Why should one visit Delhi?

Traveling across India is a dream for many. With the monuments that are centuries-old, Delhi can be described as the Child of India’s History. The history of the city can be traced even in the epic of Mahabharata. In the epic, the place was referred to as Indraprastha, the hometown and dwelling place of Pandavas. With the advancing time, many other popular places emerged adjacent to the place like Lal Kot, Dinpanah, Siri, Ferozabad, Tughlakabad, Quila Rai Pithora, Shahjahanabad, and Jahanpanah. Delhi witnessed the rise and fall of different empires and the most prominent dynasties to which Delhi has served as the capital before the British are the Khiljis, the Tughlaqs, and also the Mughals.

Travel To India will surely involve a visit to Delhi and Old Delhi is the perfect place to catch the glimpse of its fascinating past through the old havelis, colorful bazaars, and narrow lanes. Life is still continuing with the same spirit centuries earlier in this historic capital of the empires of Mughals and Tughlaks. The Red Fort, Qutub Minar, and Humayun’s Tomb are located here and the monuments are the World Heritage Sites. These centuries’ old monuments exhibit the architectural wonders which had been created by the past emperors. The avenues of Central Delhi are tree lined with imposing buildings and structures like Rashtrapati Bhavan, India Gate and Parliament House reflecting the colonial past of the city and different museums in the area can help one to have a fascinating glimpse of the country’s history.

On the other hand, with Car Rental Delhi, one can not only enjoy the Delhi tourism packages but also enjoy the modern face of Delhi with the flyovers, metro networks, shopping malls, complexes and other modern modes of entertainment. It has become a dream destination for the ones going on the Trip around India. The multifaceted tradition and culture of Delhi can also be enjoyed by visiting the Akshardham Temple, Lotus Temple. Some of the major festivals to enjoy during the Vacation tour packages in India are the Magic Festival, International Kite Festival, Mango Festival, Sugandhi Mela, Garden Tourism Festival and Dilli Ke Pakwaan.

Holiday trips in India are incomplete without a visit to Delhi. One can not only enjoy the historical destinations but Delhi is also known to be the haven for shoppers and one can not only enjoy the various delicacies of India but can also pick up famous works of art and craft from here.