The 2 Holi Festivals Which You Shouldn’t Miss in Rajasthan

January 23, 2019
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A tour of India involves going to a variety of states which have their own special festivals, delicacies and must-visit places. While many prefer to take group trips to India, other might prefer more organized trips of India by looking at some India Vacation tour packages. But no matter the way of travel, the one festival which shouldn’t be missed is holi in Rajasthan. The spectacle and glamour of the festival of colours called holi is something to behold and it is best seen in Rajasthan. Rajasthan celebrates holi in a different manner, with different rituals than what people in UP, Delhi, Bihar or other parts of North India do.  All this makes the festival a special occasion to participate in. If you want to enjoy this festival then taking a vehicle for rent from Car Rental Delhi will be the best way to do so. Here are some ways in which holi is celebrated:

Brij Holi in  Bharatpur

Celebrated in the Brij region of Bharatpur; which was founded in the earlier half of the 18th century by a king named Raja Surajmal, this type of holi is celebrated before the festival itself. Celebrated in March as well, the opulence and grandeur of this festival is something to be noted. During this occasion Lord Krishna is worshipped and various dancess as well as stage shows are organized to celebrate it. Amongst this, the Raslila dance that involves men and women dressed up as Krishna and Gopis steals the spotlight every year. This festival us incomplete without going for a dip in the Banganga river as it is thought to be an auspicious ceremony which cleanses one’s soul. Taking a car rental from Car Rental Delhi will be the best way to see this festival since they have various types of cars for various group sizes like a Innova car on rent in Delhi.

Dhulandi Holi in Jaipur

Dhulandi is the mark which symbolizes the end of cold winters and the beginning of the rejuvenating spring. But there is a myth associated with it too. Holi is played to celebrate the mythological God and hero Krishna’s victory over a demon king, but Dhulandi marks a special little story as well. Krishna was gloomy over being turned blue upon consuming the demon’s milk, but his mother suggested him to colour Radha in the same colour and it was only then that he found solace. Since then dhulandi holi has been celebrated to remember that fateful event. During the festival, temples all over are decorated and the Braj can be seen covered in vivid colours. Dhulandi holi is mainly celebrated in the city of Jaipur and there are special arrangements made at various hotels to ensure that foreign tourists get to enjoy the full in the traditional manner with various delectable food and cultural events on display for them.

The best way to visit all these events and that too while enjoying the scenery of the place is by booking a car from Car Rental Delhi which will allow you to witness the holi played in the countryside in their full glory and charm.