The western state of India is full of surprises and rich geographical and cultural reserves. The fact is very much proven by the famous city found by Rao Bika in 1488, Bikaner. Sitting in the north-western border of Rajasthan, the city is called the ‘oasis of the trade route’. Although Bikaner is located in the heart of the Thar Desert, the multitude number of springs helped in trade between Gujarat and Central Asia.

Bikaner is one of the India travel sites that attract tourist attraction during the first month of the year. As the city is mainly covered with sand, camels are abundant in this part of the state. From historic times, camels have been the reason for the survival of civilization in Bikaner. They are known as the ‘ship of the desert’ because of they provide the only means of transport in the entire desert land. This is why the Department of Tourism, Art, and Culture of Rajasthan has initiated the Camel fair in their honour.

The Camel fair of Bikaner is one of the preferred sites that are an integrated part of most of India holiday tour packages. This two-day festival commences with the parade done by the majestic camels in all their glory. The Junagarh Fort that stands proudly in the background adds to the royal essence of the festival.

Traveling to India during January in 2019 is going to be full of excitement and frenzy because of this exquisite Camel fair. Many foreigners and even people from across the country fly to Bikaner during this time and revels in the glory of the festival. The festive mood is heightened by the Rajasthan folk dance and music which is another thing that entices the travellers.

Another reason to visit India during this time is to witness the spectacular fire dance and artistry. The puppet show captivates the eyes of many people as it is one of the ancient plays from the state of Rajasthan. As the festival is celebrated in the honour of the humped animals, the cuisine consists of camel milk tea and sweeteners made from their milk. For once in every year, the camels are decked up in colourful and vibrant necklaces, girdles and even foot ornaments.

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The travel agency plans package tours to India all through the year. Their travel plan in Rajasthan is generally arranged during the festive season and hence foreign travellers can witness the Bikaner Camel Fair. Car Rental Delhi ensures that the trip is well- guided and they don’t miss out a single point about the cultural heritage of Rajasthan.

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Rajasthan is a place where one can witness a diversity in landforms, starting from the Great Indian Thar desert to the lakes and the Aravalli ranges. Even some parts of the state are covered with green foliage, giving a perfect view to the state’s geographical contours. Being the largest state of India, it is divided into many political districts, some that fall completely within the sand region of the state while some give relief of the mountains while some are located on the plains. It is quite exciting to travel the different parts of the state and experience a change in both landforms and climate. Apart from the contours, Rajasthan is famous from the variety of animals one can find in the streets of the state. This is why Rajasthan is an important place which compels people from across the globe to take trips to India.

One such place within the state that reveals a gradual transformation from the sandy dunes to the plains is Nagaur. Located between the cities of Jodhpur and Bikaner, this city is the fifth largest amongst the other districts of the city. Nagaur’s history is quite varied, with delineating the invasions of the place by the Sultanate rulers. The city even came under the jurisdiction of the British Raj and became a colony of the East India Company. The city’s history portrays a connection with the Rajput rulers and that is why it attracts flocks of tourists from all over the world.

The city is famous for the animal fair festival that occurs in the month of February and witnesses a variety of animals altogether. This is the second largest fair in India and hence one can witness people from different culture and different places. Not only from the corners of India but also from different parts of the globe, tourists visit the place and enjoy the cattle trades. Vacation tour packages in India are common in February and the tourism companies make sure that they can witness the famous cattle trade fair.

Around seventy thousand animals including camels, oxen, hens, roosters and many others are included in the trade dressed in different colorful Rajasthan folk dresses. The cattle owners remain by the side of their animals and entertain the tourists. The evening of the four-day festivals is more beautiful and attractive. Folk songs and dances are the center of entertainment of the evenings and captivate people’s attention. Travelling to India and especially to Rajasthan is the most majestic enjoyment and that is why Car Rental Delhi plans trips to Rajasthan every year.

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