There are several reasons you might want to consider and take a tour round India, this may not be unconnected with the fact that Indian houses several intriguing and historical places and monuments which attracts tourists from several parts of the world.

Events such as the festival of love and several other festivals, that are celebrated in several parts of Indian, makes it full of life and a place to be. people from all over the world are attracted not only because of the historical relics, but also to learn and participate in the cultural exhibitions seen during festival celebrations. This necessitates travel tours from several parts of the world to India. Statistics has shown that majority of those who take a tour round India are single females.

There are so many issues attached to travel tour to India, issues which include; safety, timeliness, cost, conveniences and easy accessibility.

Single female travelers, who are visiting India for the first time usually have lots of questions on their minds. Questions like; how long it takes to get to their holiday/ tour destination, the cost of travelling, are there reliable travel agencies? How safe is the journey? Since she’s travelling for the first time, her mind may be filled with conflict and doubts as regards safety. She may doubt if she would be taken to the right destination, have mixed feelings about the set of people she will be meeting as they may either take advantage of her ignorance or kidnap her. All these conflicts and doubts in her mind are sincere, however, the answer they seek lies in Kalka Travels Agency. With this agency, you can have your dream tour to the best places in India for your holiday trip. Their drivers are safe, English speaking, reliable and verified by local police.

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