There are several reasons you might want to consider and take a tour round India, this may not be unconnected with the fact that Indian houses several intriguing and historical places and monuments which attracts tourists from several parts of the world.

Events such as the festival of love and several other festivals, that are celebrated in several parts of Indian, makes it full of life and a place to be. people from all over the world are attracted not only because of the historical relics, but also to learn and participate in the cultural exhibitions seen during festival celebrations. This necessitates travel tours from several parts of the world to India. Statistics has shown that majority of those who take a tour round India are single females.

There are so many issues attached to travel tour to India, issues which include; safety, timeliness, cost, conveniences and easy accessibility.

Single female travelers, who are visiting India for the first time usually have lots of questions on their minds. Questions like; how long it takes to get to their holiday/ tour destination, the cost of travelling, are there reliable travel agencies? How safe is the journey? Since she’s travelling for the first time, her mind may be filled with conflict and doubts as regards safety. She may doubt if she would be taken to the right destination, have mixed feelings about the set of people she will be meeting as they may either take advantage of her ignorance or kidnap her. All these conflicts and doubts in her mind are sincere, however, the answer they seek lies in Kalka Travels Agency. With this agency, you can have your dream tour to the best places in India for your holiday trip. Their drivers are safe, English speaking, reliable and verified by local police.

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Travel tips India: Tips for solo female travelers and is it safe?


Though there is much negative press regarding traveling alone in India as a woman in many experiences it is one of the safest and most reliable places for a solo women traveler. Many have heard stories regarding India which states that the place is highly vulnerable for the women travelers which might have instilled some questions in your mind as well such as; is it safe to travel India alone?

There are many instances which prove it is the safest place on earth but you need to consider some safety precautions while traveling to India. Gone are the days when solo traveling especially for women was a nightmare. Now with the aid of travel companies flourishing in India traveling has become all the more accommodating and enjoyable at the same time. In this regard, Car Rental Delhi, travel agency India is topping the charts for more than a decade, which is highly acclaimed for offering amiable and secure rides to the travelers. So please don’t let your fear conquer you from experiencing the most amazing, breathtaking, and life-changing journey to Incredible India.

So female travelers here are some tips for traveling alone in India which can be helpful if you are planning a trip to India. Check this out:

  1. Be aware of India’s culture and try to adapt to its culture

India is quite traditional and possesses unique culture which is quite contrary to the western culture. There is no use to fight the differences prevailing here, instead try to go with the flow and embrace the differences. Come with an open soul and India will embrace you as are. Travelling India solo is as challenging as rewarding it is. Try to adapt to its culture both for your safety and sanity. One of the important things for women if you are traveling alone is to be, assertive, confident, and stand for yourself. Make a stand for yourself whenever necessary.

  1. Dress accordingly to the surroundings

India is an ancient and conservative country so try to cover as much as it is necessary. Showing too much skin can draw unwanted attention and is not all appropriate if you are going to visit any religious places in India. But of course in places like Goa and other affluent cities like Mumbai, Bangalore you can wear western outfits too. Try to follow the trend of local females and wear what is apt to the surroundings.

  1. Do not trust easily

While Indian people are usually wonderfully generous, amiable and hospitable but you can’t be naive and trust each & every people on earth. You need to be protective and consider your safety while traveling in India to avoid the scams and unnecessary hassles especially around airports, bus, stations and popular tourist spots. For the woman travelers, it is also mandatory to carry their mobiles with Indian Sim card so that they can always stay in touch with their near ones or call for help in case of emergency. You can easily get an Indian Sim card at local phone vendor shops but only after a bit of paperwork. You can see: Buying and using a Sim card in India-A through guide for foreign travelers. To be honest many incredible things happen in India if you are an open-minded sort of; you will be amazed by the hospitality of the local people of India.

After some years of travel experience in India, it will be easy for you to figure out who is genuine and who is not. You must be cautious about moving alone at night. There are many reputed travel agencies whom you can have total faith on. Car Rental Delhi is a pioneer in providing India tour and travel packages; especially for female solo travelers it is 100 percent safe as it has been approved by the government of India. The drivers are trained, experienced, and well versed in English. Furthermore, the company provides new car in case of breakdown and you can change driver or car if necessary. To know more about us you can visit our online portal i.e.

  1. Solo woman travel destination

To know the true essence of the country you must begin your journey with Rajasthan. Rajasthan is truly India’s crowned possession. From fairytale palaces to historical forts to colorful festivals to wildlife escapades, this is India’s vibrant best. It is the land of kings where you can visit magnificent monuments, iconic places such as Golden Triangle, and Jaipur, the state capital.

You can also visit Delhi and encounter its majestic Mughal heritage. Places like Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Lotus Temple, Qutab Minar are its prime attraction. From Delhi, you can angle to Agra, where one of the world’s wonders, Taj Mahal, defines the state.

There are many famous beaches like Goa, Kovalam, Baga which are some of the favorite tourist spots in the country.

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  1. Some other things to keep in mind
  • Try to learn some local Hindi terms so that communication with the fellow local travelers will become easier.
  • Go for the reputed homestays.
  • Never compromise on your safety to some savings.
  • Keep your close ones apprised of your travel plans.
  • Most public transport has seats reserved especially for women which are once again a bonus point.
  • Most stares are just a curiosity so always ignore it.

And if this sounds a bit overwhelming, do remember, these are only meant for your protection so that your journey turns out to be extra special. Are you feeling excited now and thinking of spending your vacation in India? So what you are waiting for! Just have a look at tour offers in India exclusively available at our online portal Car Rental Delhi: guarantee you 100 percent safely & 24/7 support or else you can claim your money back.