The western state of India is full of surprises and rich geographical and cultural reserves. The fact is very much proven by the famous city found by Rao Bika in 1488, Bikaner. Sitting in the north-western border of Rajasthan, the city is called the ‘oasis of the trade route’. Although Bikaner is located in the heart of the Thar Desert, the multitude number of springs helped in trade between Gujarat and Central Asia.

Bikaner is one of the India travel sites that attract tourist attraction during the first month of the year. As the city is mainly covered with sand, camels are abundant in this part of the state. From historic times, camels have been the reason for the survival of civilization in Bikaner. They are known as the ‘ship of the desert’ because of they provide the only means of transport in the entire desert land. This is why the Department of Tourism, Art, and Culture of Rajasthan has initiated the Camel fair in their honour.

The Camel fair of Bikaner is one of the preferred sites that are an integrated part of most of India holiday tour packages. This two-day festival commences with the parade done by the majestic camels in all their glory. The Junagarh Fort that stands proudly in the background adds to the royal essence of the festival.

Traveling to India during January in 2019 is going to be full of excitement and frenzy because of this exquisite Camel fair. Many foreigners and even people from across the country fly to Bikaner during this time and revels in the glory of the festival. The festive mood is heightened by the Rajasthan folk dance and music which is another thing that entices the travellers.

Another reason to visit India during this time is to witness the spectacular fire dance and artistry. The puppet show captivates the eyes of many people as it is one of the ancient plays from the state of Rajasthan. As the festival is celebrated in the honour of the humped animals, the cuisine consists of camel milk tea and sweeteners made from their milk. For once in every year, the camels are decked up in colourful and vibrant necklaces, girdles and even foot ornaments.

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Travelling is an activity that helps us in exploring the world. It is not just a hobby or passion; it has now turned into a need for us. Our world is more connected now than it used to be several years earlier. You might have planned a trip to India, and now you could travel through Planes, Buses, Cars, and through several other means of transport. Among these means of transport, Car is the most preferred and convenient. While on a tour in India, it is preferred to hire companies such as Car Rental Delhi for a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

Travelling to a country such as India could be challenging, there are certain Travel Hacks that one should consider while travelling to India or any country for that matter. Here we are going to mention 5 Travel hacks which would surely help you when you embark on your next holiday tour-

  1. Pay Special Attention to Flight Ticket Bookings– Intelligent Flight Ticket booking could save you a large chunk of money. There are certain hacks that you could count on in terms of flight booking-
  • Booking through Incognito Mode- Yes, companies keep a check on your activities and if you have visited the website several times, chances are that the company will inflate the prices. So it’s wise to browse on Incognito Mode while searching for flight tickets.
  • Booking tickets on weekdays- Yes, this hack actually works. Most of the people contemplate about their tours and holiday plans on weekends. This increases the traffic on Ticket booking site and consequently, they increase the prices of tickets. So the next time you should book your tickets on weekdays while sitting in your office to get the best deals.
  1. Opt for Homestays- One big mistake we all make is ‘Booking hotels’. What we don’t realise is that there are start-ups such as Airbnb and Homestay through which you could stay at local people’s home wherever you travel across the globe. The prices are very low when compared to prices of staying at hotel and you could get to know the local customs, practises, among other things.
  2. Don’t exchange currency at Airport- This is a mistake nearly everyone makes. Instead of exchanging currency at the Airport where you get abysmally low rates, you could make arrangements prior to going on the trip or find some local exchange houses which could give better exchange rates than Airport provides.
  3. Take Photos of your luggage- We all know that there are chances of our luggage getting lost. In such situations it is really tough to describe the look of our luggage. A good idea would be to take some photos of your luggage from all sides which could be beneficial when searching for them.
  4. Hide lots of money- Keeping all your money in wallet or your pockets may be detrimental if a pick pocketer picks your pocket. A better idea would be to hide a little cash at different places, such as in boots, in bag pockets, inside Smartphone cover and so on.

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