Where to celebrate Holi in India and and why ?

It completely depends on the individual or the group, in experiencing the type of Holi that they want to enjoy in India. Holi – the festival of colors is celebrated all across India with much pomp and pleasure and varied activities are prevalent during this festival. While a part of India performs the traditional rituals at temples, the others enjoy the festival with bhang, DJs, and colors in the form of modern parties. A celebration of Holi in every part of India brings a fresh new appeal to the tourists. The Car Rental Delhi can help the tourists to Travel by car in India for experiencing the Holi in different parts of India.

Where to travel in India during Holi?

The Travel agencies in India assists the tourists in visiting some of the most important destinations in the country for celebrating Holi.

  • Traditional Holi in Vrindavan and Mathura

The Innova car on rent in Delhi takes approximately three hours to reach the birthplace of Lord Krishna- Mathura. Vrindavan is the place where Krishna had spent his days of childhood. The celebrations of Holi take a start during the Vasant Panchami or the end of the winter month in the temples and towns of Vrindavan and Mathura. Before a week of Holi, the Janmashtami – Birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated throughout the week at the temples of the Lord. Holi is celebrated in March and just before the day of Holi the celebrations start with the throwing of colors and flowers also known as the PhoolonwaliHoli. The colorful procession of Holi starts from the theVishramGhat to the Dwarkadheesh Temple, Mathura.

  • Cultural Holi of Shantiniketan in West Bengal

Holi in West Bengal is celebrated as the Spring Festival or Basanta Utsav. Rabindranath Tagore, the Nobel Laureate, and famous Bengali poet started the celebration of this festival in Shantiniketan. He was inspired by the colors of Spring and Holi and formulated it as the annual event of VisvaBharati University. Basanta Utsav is extremely cherished by the Bengalis as well as the tourists and is celebrated with the throwing of abir or colors along with the dances of the students to the songs of Tagore. The vibrant dresses of the students represent the colors of spring and all of this together exhibits the culture and history of Bengal. It takes place in the month of March, a day before Holi.

  • Warrior Holi in Punjab

The India tour packages from Delhi and Car Rental Delhi can help you to experience the Sikh way of playing Holi. The annual fair of HolaMoholla dates back to 1701. Sikh Guru Gobind Singh first started it for celebrating Holi. But here, the tourists can actually experience mock sword fightings, martial arts, wrestling, an acrobatic and military exercise in place of colors.

  • Royal Holi of Udaipur

Holi in Udaipur is celebrated with the lighting up of bonfires, a ritual known as Holika Dahan to remove the evil spirits. For enjoying a regal experience, one can surely visit the magnificent palace of the royal family of Mewar in Udaipur for enjoying the processions and ultimately the burning of Holika’s effigy.

Car Rental Delhi will surely make the Holi trips across India favorable by organizing the Trip around India during the festival of colors.

The festival of colors or Holi is one of the important festivals in India. This vibrant religious festival is not only confined inside the territorial boundary of India but also celebrated equally in various other parts of the world. It is rather a conglomeration of positive vibes, vitality, and love. The Hindus mostly celebrate this festival in order to mark the victory of good over evil. However, the festival of color is not celebrated on a definite date. It is generally observed on a full moon day during Phagun (the 12th month of Hindu Gregorian Calendar).The lively and vivacious celebration can be seen at each and every corner of the cities and hence Travel to India is must to savor the taste of the festival. It begins on the night of a full moon night and everyone gathers before a bonfire for the purpose of carrying out various religious rituals.

Each and every city celebrates this festive mood in its own way. Vacation tour packages in India are best provided by Car Rental Delhi. With their assistance, it becomes very easy to think of a vacation and convert the idea into reality. Being one of the Top travel agency in India, it is the responsibility of Car Rental Delhi to make the Varanasi Holi tour a memorable one for the tourists. Varanasi or the Holy City is situated in Uttar Pradesh and every year a lot of people visit the place to celebrate the festival of colors with fervor as well as enthusiasm. One of the spectacular sights is Holika Dahan that happens the night before Holi. Various folks from different corners of the world assemble together and light up a bonfire. Dung cakes along with wood are thrown into the blazing flames and grains are also offered to the fire god. All these are done to embark the beginning of spring with new spirit and life. A paste, also known as Ubtan is prepared and thrown into the bonfire. It is believed that this paste has medicinal properties and hence it is applied to the body first before throwing it in the flames.

India holidays tour packages are now available at good deals and lucrative rates because of Car Rental Delhi. The Holi tour to Varanasi falls under the category of Top India tours as well as one of the Organized tours of India. Seeing is believing.  Until and unless one is present at the enchanting place during the very day, he/she cannot experience the intense spirit of the vibrant hues, glistening silver painted faces with funny hats chasing their friends with laughter and mischief. The magnificent celebration of Holi in Varanasi, especially near the ghat makes the holy river Ganga turn into various shades of color as people jump and splash water all around washing of the day’s color.

For enjoying a complete Holi in Varanasi, one should not forget to experience some Bhaang( a milk drink offered to Lord Shiva), Gujia and Laddoos which are some of the authentic items for the taste buds during this festival. Car Rental Delhi, your Travel Agency India takes every possible step to make ones dream come true.

The period between the ending of February and middle of March is one of the most interesting period for  Indians. This is because this period is the month of Holi; which is one of the most celebrated festival in India.

The object of celebration of Holi is the love between the ancient lord Krishna and Radha, as well as the spring harvest. The celebration is notorious for its colorfulness, as powders of several colours are playfully thrown on families, friends, foes, neigbours and so on. Hence, its called the festival of colours.

Holi happens to be an ancient religious festival, not only celebrated in India but also in Nepal. The celebration usually starts on the evening of the full moon day (purnima) and lasts for two days. In recent time, Holi is now being celebrated in several places, both in india, south asia some parts of Europe and south America, in which people superstitiosly stand before a bon fire and pray that their internal evil be destroyed as Holika the sister of the demon king was destroyed, this is usually done during the first nigh, while the following day is known for throwing powders of different colours on each other in respective of their place, position,age and social status in the society. There are also games such as fighting with colours which occurs  in open places like; compound of buildings, temples, streets and parks. These activities are mostly spiced up with melodious sounds of drums and several musical instruments with people singing and dancing from one place to the other. This is also a time when people take ample time to visit families throwing powdered colours on each other as they laugh and gist together.

Holi festival is celebrated all around Indian, however, the kind of experience you desires determines where you spend holi. There are several lovely places to celebrate the festival of love, nevertheless,Rajasthan stands out amongst all places one could ever wish to celebrate holi. The unique way the event is kicked by a massive parade of decorated elephants, camels and horses, makes the festival in Rajasthan intriguing. There are also wonderful sights to behold such as elephant polo, elephant races and tug of war between elephants. It is not only how holi is celebrated in Rajasthan that makes it outstanding but because it’s the number one choice for travel tours and holiday trips to Iknowni

Rajasthan being the largest state in India, is known as the land of the kings,located in the north western part of India sharing boundary with Pakistan. There are several features that makes this state attractive for tourists and then notes noted as a top India tour. Such features includes; the three national tiger reserve and mukundra tiger reserve. It also homes the ruins of Hindus valley civilization, the Diwalra temples, a Jain pilgrimage site, Mount Abu, ancient Aravalli mountain range and the world heritage sites known for its bedlife called Keoladeo national park.

Most tour plans in India and top India tours are channeled to one of the places where the notable features in Rajasthan are located. Families organize trips and foreigner also organize a tour to these many attractive features and monuments located in Rajasthan, as a result of the increased inflow of tourist ,most travel agents in India are located in Rajasthan.

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