The western state of India is full of surprises and rich geographical and cultural reserves. The fact is very much proven by the famous city found by Rao Bika in 1488, Bikaner. Sitting in the north-western border of Rajasthan, the city is called the ‘oasis of the trade route’. Although Bikaner is located in the heart of the Thar Desert, the multitude number of springs helped in trade between Gujarat and Central Asia.

Bikaner is one of the India travel sites that attract tourist attraction during the first month of the year. As the city is mainly covered with sand, camels are abundant in this part of the state. From historic times, camels have been the reason for the survival of civilization in Bikaner. They are known as the ‘ship of the desert’ because of they provide the only means of transport in the entire desert land. This is why the Department of Tourism, Art, and Culture of Rajasthan has initiated the Camel fair in their honour.

The Camel fair of Bikaner is one of the preferred sites that are an integrated part of most of India holiday tour packages. This two-day festival commences with the parade done by the majestic camels in all their glory. The Junagarh Fort that stands proudly in the background adds to the royal essence of the festival.

Traveling to India during January in 2019 is going to be full of excitement and frenzy because of this exquisite Camel fair. Many foreigners and even people from across the country fly to Bikaner during this time and revels in the glory of the festival. The festive mood is heightened by the Rajasthan folk dance and music which is another thing that entices the travellers.

Another reason to visit India during this time is to witness the spectacular fire dance and artistry. The puppet show captivates the eyes of many people as it is one of the ancient plays from the state of Rajasthan. As the festival is celebrated in the honour of the humped animals, the cuisine consists of camel milk tea and sweeteners made from their milk. For once in every year, the camels are decked up in colourful and vibrant necklaces, girdles and even foot ornaments.

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Experience the Largest Cattle Fair: Pushkar Fair

Are you fascinated about Rajasthan? Do you want to visit the colorful state of Rajasthan and experience the vibrant Mela with colorful events and exciting competitions that will create memories to cherish upon? Well, that demands a Trip to India so that you could experience the fest along with your friends in a group travel to India. However traveling to India would mean extensive research about the modes of transportation, it could be tiring. This is when Car Rental Delhi comes to your rescue. They would make sure that you don’t just get to enjoy the trip without overwhelming yourself about the means of transport and other things. Because Car Rental Delhi is always happy to serve you.

Let us give you a brief detail about Pushkar Fair and how it captivates the visitors. The fair is organized once in a year between the October and November. It lasts up to seven days where annual camel and livestock fair draws a large number of crowds. You’ll be fascinated to know that it is considered the Largest Cattle Fair in the whole world due to the sheer size of visitors and sellers of Camels and livestock.

History and Religious Significance of Pushkar

The city indeed has a high religious significance and is deemed to be sacred by Hindu Mythology. When you visit Pushkar, you would visit a lake situated in the middle of the holy city. Numerous Pilgrims visit this lake to take a holy bath and afterward they visit Brahma Mandir. This temple is the only temple of Brahma Ji in the whole world.

Pushkar Fair and its Highlights

The fair is mainly organized to provide a ground for showcasing and selling the livestock; however in the past when people used to gather here for several days, it became a necessity to organize events for their entertainment. Gradually the events and entertainment evolved and it began to lure outsiders also because of its grandeur and uniqueness. Slowly even foreigners began visiting the fair, as such is the charm and magic of this event. You could experience several things in the course of 7 days-

  • Hot Air Ballooning- Yes, you could experience Hot Air Ballooning in the state of Rajasthan. Once you go up in the air, we bet you would never forget the sight of the holy city. This activity is one of the top attractions of this event.
  • Handicrafts- Wouldn’t you want to keep the traditional art and works of the craftsmen back in your houses. The handicraft art imbibes an aura in your house that helps you in reliving the wonderful stay of Rajasthan.
  • Folk Dance and Songs- Folk Dance and songs are so rare nowadays that even the people of Rajasthan don’t get to witness the real Folk dance. Pushkar Fair gives you the chance to witness the beautiful performance by indigenous artists.

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At the centre of the India Gate Radial Road, Facing Janpath

An iconic Delhi image, the 140-ft high-arched war memorial called India Gate commemorates the roughly 7,000 Indian soldiers who died fighting for Britain in World War 1. Designed by Edwin Lutyens, who also planned the Rashrapati Bhavan and much of New Delhi, it was built in 1921. The names of more of more than 13,000 soldiers who died at the North-West Frontier are engraved on the walls. An ‘eternal flame’ the Amar Jawan Jyoti, lit beneath pays tribute to the soldiers who dird in the Indo-Pak War of 1971. Visitors feel the poignancy of these deaths for a while, and then move on to the immortal pleasure of street-food vendors, the children pleased with the balloons and fishing toy helicopter, the elders posing for instant photo  (Rs. 40 delivered in a minute). On the lawns around.

Vast green stretches sprawl besides the almost entirely pedestrian road, Rajpath that connects India Gate to Rashtrapati Bhavan (about 1.5 km). Nothing impedes the triumphal progress of a toddler goggling her way down the Rajpath lawns, putting the imperial majesty of both buildings into perspective.

If you are a tourist, having an ice cream from the scores of vendors here on summer nights would practically make you a local.

India is a very beautiful country, and this claim cannot be gainsaid. If you are looking for a peaceful country with attractive places to spend your holiday, India is a good option. First-timers of luxury travel to India need to be aware of some certain thing that would definitely make their India vacation tours better. Going to India with naïve ideas about the country may cause you not to enjoy your short stay in India. For this reason, it is crucial that you invest your time to peruse the tips below:

  1. CHOOSE THE BEST ROUTE: – India is a country that has a lot for foreigners to see. Nonetheless, the things that are available to be seen by foreigners are in a large space. Ergo it is almost impossible to see all by people that come for India vacation tours. It is a perfect luxury travel to India if you visit places like the all-time classic Golden Triangle, Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort, Agra Fort, Taj Mahal, and so many more. Religious sites, beaches and waterways, wildlife encounters, trekking and mountains, and spiritual India can also be plus to your luxury travel to India.
  2. GO AT A SLOW PACE: – This is where the problem lies for so many people that come for India vacation tours. Most of them have already been told that India has a lot of beautiful places and things to see. For this reason, they want to see all before going back to their country. No, try to slow down. You wouldn’t appreciate places you visit in India if you don’t spend enough time there.
  3. DO WITHOUT THE CROWDS: – Indubitably, India is dominated with a lot of locals and foreigners. In a country of close to two billion people, you are sure to meet crowds in anywhere you decide to go. Nonetheless, there are serene places you can visit in India that there will be less crowds. You can stay in the city for some weeks before going to a small town with lower population. You can make comparison this way, albeit you are more likely going to prefer the less crowded India.
  4. STAY HEALTHY: – No matter how much you enjoy the luxury in India, it is not a luxury travel to India if your health has been compromised. People going for India vacation tours through organizations will be told some precautions to stay healthy. Basically, avoid tap water, ice cream, salads and already-peeled fruits.
  5. STAY COOL: – Don’t get yourself into any mess during India vacation tours. India has considerable amounts of touts, con-artists, and shams. For this reason, do not get yourself hurt in India by not staying cool. Your luxury travel to India can only be the best if you don’t meet with any execrable issue. There is a high prospect that you will be swindled off your money if you are not careful enough. Just try to be smart and cool.

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