We believe for you to be reading this article, you have made a final decision on traveling to India. If truly you have made this final decision, then I must commend you for making a great decision. However, making the final decision to travel to India is not the end, as a matter of fact – it is the simplest part of traveling to India. One of the problems people face is deciding whether to go for a group travel to India or solo travel to India. This is the prime reason for writing this article. There are numerous remarkable group tour packages in India. At the same time, there are unlimited ways you will enjoy solo travel to India. Do not cogitate intensely yet, for we will help you out. Personally, We propose you go for a group travel to India. I will give you the benefits and drawbacks of traveling to India on a group tour, which will ease your decision-making concerning the method to travel to India.

  1. EASE AND CONVENIENCE: – Group tour packages in India are simply the best. Going to India on a group tour will ease you the stress of handling every process. Quite simply, everything is appropriately organized for you prior to the day of travelling. The disadvantage of this is that you do not really have the prerogative to do things you like as you want, in order to disorganize what has been planned for the group.
  2. LOCAL KNOWLEDGE: – This is another thing that makes group travel to India You will get to learn a lot of things that would have been obscure to you if you went solo. You will have a group tour leader who will give information related to India that you need to know. This is quite a good one for group tour packages in India but the problem is you may be forced to do what you don’t like because you have been taught something new.
  3. ACTIVITIES: – The activities tourists engaged in during a group travel to India will be significantly higher than if they went alone. The group tour packages in India may entail engaging in things like cooking classes, watching of Bollywood movies, hopping into a cycle rickshaw, and many more. The drawback of this is that you may not be ready for some activities but just have to engage because others are doing the same.
  4. SAFETY: – India is not a safe country to travel solitarily, especially if you are going for the first time. This is a major reason why you should consider group travel to India. Group tour packages in India do not completely guarantee your safety, but you will feel safer if you are among a group of people. The only drawback in this aspect is that you may need your privacy, which can turn out to be hard to get. However, it is still very possible to stay isolated.

We can make all of these possible for you if you travel with us. Our prices are affordable and we work relentlessly in making sure you are outright satisfied.