Pushkar Fair 2018 (15 Nov-23 Nov )

June 15, 2018
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Experience the Largest Cattle Fair: Pushkar Fair

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Let us give you a brief detail about Pushkar Fair and how it captivates the visitors. The fair is organized once in a year between the October and November. It lasts up to seven days where annual camel and livestock fair draws a large number of crowds. You’ll be fascinated to know that it is considered the Largest Cattle Fair in the whole world due to the sheer size of visitors and sellers of Camels and livestock.

History and Religious Significance of Pushkar

The city indeed has a high religious significance and is deemed to be sacred by Hindu Mythology. When you visit Pushkar, you would visit a lake situated in the middle of the holy city. Numerous Pilgrims visit this lake to take a holy bath and afterward they visit Brahma Mandir. This temple is the only temple of Brahma Ji in the whole world.

Pushkar Fair and its Highlights

The fair is mainly organized to provide a ground for showcasing and selling the livestock; however in the past when people used to gather here for several days, it became a necessity to organize events for their entertainment. Gradually the events and entertainment evolved and it began to lure outsiders also because of its grandeur and uniqueness. Slowly even foreigners began visiting the fair, as such is the charm and magic of this event. You could experience several things in the course of 7 days-

  • Hot Air Ballooning- Yes, you could experience Hot Air Ballooning in the state of Rajasthan. Once you go up in the air, we bet you would never forget the sight of the holy city. This activity is one of the top attractions of this event.
  • Handicrafts- Wouldn’t you want to keep the traditional art and works of the craftsmen back in your houses. The handicraft art imbibes an aura in your house that helps you in reliving the wonderful stay of Rajasthan.
  • Folk Dance and Songs- Folk Dance and songs are so rare nowadays that even the people of Rajasthan don’t get to witness the real Folk dance. Pushkar Fair gives you the chance to witness the beautiful performance by indigenous artists.

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