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Major Places to Celebrate Holi In Rajasthan

January 23, 2019
Car Rental Delhi

If you are looking to travel to India then there are many India tour deals which will get you various types of deals- everything from short tours of India to organized tours of India and more, as your routine demands. If you are coming here then make sure to select two specific months- of February and March. The months of February and March are vibrant, colourful and a well of bliss. India shines and its people are joyful and engaged in all the festivities that take place, especially the festival of holi. The wind is full of warmth and the winter gives away to spring. North India especially loves holi and the traditions which surround it. The legends surrounding it makes it more attractive and Rajasthani holi especially has a lot of it. This gives its rituals a different meaning from the types of holi which is celebrated in other parts of the country. Here is a list of places where holi is celebrated:


Pushkar isn’t a place which is commonly known, but in the last few years it has emerged as one of the most visited tourist destination in the state of Rajasthan. So, with such a high tourist count, the place is bound is to be a great place to celebrate holi with a lot of pomp and splendour as well. During the festival, visitors will find its narrow lanes filled with people getting drenched in coloured water and dancing with glee. So if you are ready to party like its 1999, then make sure to put on a light coloured dress, bring on some colours and join the people having the time of their lives on those streets.


Udaipur is a grand place to celebrate holi since the Royal family of Lake City participates in this event to make it a even more huge deal. Visitors should definitely stay in for the holika dehan ceremony which starts off the celebrations. It is celebrated in the city palace with the utmost zeal and it is noble family who lights the pyre. Even if you miss out on the palace orchestrated festivities, there are plenty of lake palaces and resorts which hold private celebrations for holi. Bring your family and friends to have a great time in here. Udaipur is best enjoyed from a vehicle since you will be able to take in all the sights and smells of the place. So if you want a car for hire then Car Rental Delhi has a lot of options in terms of car sizes. Whether you are here for group trips in India or for a single person trip, there’s something for everyone.


The pink city is the headquarters when it comes to festival celebrations, be it holi or anything else. Everything is celebrated with pomp and splendour. Nothing is similar to the previous one as each and every year, every festival is celebrated with renewed energy and unique ideas. If you are here then make sure to catch a glimpse of Elephant Holi which is celebrated over on Amer Fort or go over to the city palace to see something truly mesmerizing, like the Rajasthani folk program which will enchant you for sure.

Rajasthan is an amazing place to visit because of its unique take on holi celebrations. If you want to visit these places by a vehicle so as to get all the roadside scenery then Car Rental Delhi is the one to choose.


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