Khan Market, Delhi

March 20, 2023
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Khan Market is a popular shopping area located in the heart of New Delhi, India. It is a high-end market that caters to a well-heeled clientele, and is known for its upscale retail stores, boutiques, bookstores, and restaurants.

The market was established in 1951 and was named after Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, a freedom fighter and close associate of Mahatma Gandhi. It is a U-shaped market, and is divided into several lanes that are lined with shops selling a wide range of products, including designer clothes, shoes, jewelry, electronics, and home décor items.

Apart from the shopping experience, Khan Market is also known for its food scene. It has a wide variety of restaurants and cafes that serve cuisines from all over the world. Some of the popular eateries in the market include Cafe Turtle, Big Chill, and Khan Chacha, which is famous for its kebabs and rolls.

Khan Market is a popular destination for both locals and tourists, and is often considered a must-visit place for those who enjoy shopping and dining out. It is easily accessible by public transport and is located in close proximity to several other popular attractions, such as India Gate and Lodhi Gardens.

How to reach Khan Market: The nearest Metro Station is the “Khan Market” metro station (violet line). It is some minutes away from the market.
Address: Khan Market, Rabindra Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110003
Hours:  Open everyday. Activities in Restaurants and Shops start around 10am and stops around 11pm.
Fees: No Entrance Fee.

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