Kanha National Park

May 17, 2023
Car Rental Delhi - Roar of the Wild: Embark on an Adventure in Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park, also known as Kanha Tiger Reserve, is a famous wildlife sanctuary located in the Maikal range of Satpura Hills in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is one of the largest and most well-known national parks in the country.

Here are some key features and information about Kanha National Park:
1: Biodiversity: Kanha National Park is renowned for its rich biodiversity and is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. The park boasts dense forests, grassy meadows, and extensive bamboo thickets. It is particularly famous for its tiger population and is recognized as one of the best places in India to spot these majestic big cats.
2: Tigers and Wildlife: Kanha National Park is a prime tiger reserve and is dedicated to the conservation of this endangered species. Apart from tigers, the park is also home to other wildlife species like leopards, Indian wild dogs (dholes), sloth bears, barasingha (swamp deer), gaur (Indian bison), and many species of birds.
3: Vegetation: The park showcases diverse vegetation, including sal forests, bamboo forests, and mixed deciduous forests. The extensive meadows, known as maidans, provide a picturesque landscape and are frequented by herbivores.
4: Kanha Meadows: Kanha National Park is known for its beautiful meadows, locally called “kanha.” These grassy expanses are where herbivores graze, making them ideal spots for wildlife sightings.
5: Conservation Initiatives: Kanha National Park has been at the forefront of conservation efforts in India. The park has implemented various measures to protect the wildlife, including anti-poaching patrols, habitat management, and community-based conservation programs.
6: Safaris: Visitors to Kanha National Park can enjoy wildlife safaris to explore the park’s diverse ecosystems and spot its resident wildlife. Both jeep safaris and elephant safaris are available, with trained guides accompanying visitors to ensure their safety and provide insights about the park.
is not only a significant wildlife conservation area but also an excellent destination for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers to witness the beauty of India’s natural heritage.

Popular attractions and activities in Kanha National Park:
Kanha National Park offers a range of activities for visitors to explore and experience the park’s wildlife and natural beauty. Here are some popular activities in Kanha National Park:
1: Wildlife Safaris: Wildlife safaris are the main attraction in Kanha National Park. Visitors can embark on jeep safaris or elephant safaris to venture into the park’s core zones and explore its diverse ecosystems. Accompanied by trained guides and forest officials, these safaris offer opportunities to spot tigers, leopards, deer, wild dogs, and various bird species.
2: Bird Watching: Kanha National Park is a haven for birdwatching enthusiasts. The park is home to over 300 species of birds, including rare and migratory birds. Birdwatchers can enjoy sightings of Indian rollers, crested serpent eagles, peafowls, jungle fowls, kingfishers, and many more.
3: Nature Walks: Guided nature walks or nature trails are organized in Kanha National Park, allowing visitors to explore the park’s scenic beauty and observe its flora and fauna up close. Trained naturalists share insights about the ecosystem, plant species, and smaller creatures that may be missed during a typical safari.
4: Village Visits: Some tour operators organize visits to nearby villages, providing an opportunity to experience the local culture and way of life. Visitors can interact with the tribal communities residing in the buffer zones of the park, gaining insights into their traditions, crafts, and livelihoods.
5: Photography: Kanha National Park offers incredible photography opportunities. Whether it’s capturing the majesty of tigers, the grace of leopards, or the vibrant colors of birds, photographers can capture stunning images of the park’s wildlife and landscapes.
6: Nature Interpretation Centers: There are nature interpretation centers within the park where visitors can learn about the biodiversity, conservation efforts, and research initiatives taking place in Kanha National Park. These centers provide educational displays, exhibits, and audio-visual presentations.
7: Conservation Programs: Some tour operators or organizations may offer participation in conservation programs or volunteer opportunities. These programs allow visitors to contribute to the park’s conservation efforts through activities like tree plantation, habitat restoration, or awareness campaigns.

It’s important to note that activities in Kanha National Park are regulated to ensure minimal disturbance to the wildlife and their habitat. Visitors are advised to follow the guidelines and regulations set by the park authorities for a safe and responsible experience.

Safari fees to Kanha National Park:
The cost of safari in Kanha National Park can vary depending on several factors such as the type of safari (jeep safari or elephant safari), the duration of the safari, and whether it is organized by the park authorities or private tour operators. Additionally, the prices may vary for Indian and foreign nationals. However, to give you a general idea, here is an approximate range of safari costs in Kanha National Park:
1: Jeep Safari:
A: For Indian Nationals: The cost can range from around INR 1,500 to INR 3,000 per person for a shared jeep safari.
B: For Foreign Nationals: The cost can range from around INR 2,500 to INR 5,000 per person for a shared jeep safari.
C: Private jeep safaris or exclusive jeep bookings are also available at higher prices, providing a more personalized experience.
2: Elephant Safari:
Elephant safaris are less common and may have limited availability. The cost can range from around INR 2,000 to INR 4,000 per person for a shared elephant safari.

Safari Timings to Kanha National Park:
The safari timings in Kanha National Park can vary depending on the season and the specific rules and regulations set by the park authorities. However, here is a general guideline for safari timings in Kanha National Park:
1: Morning Safari: Morning safaris usually start early in the morning, around sunrise.The exact timing may vary depending on the season, but typically morning safaris start between 5:30 AM and 6:30 AM.
2: Evening Safari: Evening safaris typically start in the afternoon and extend until sunset. The exact timing may vary depending on the season, but usually, evening safaris start between 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM. The duration of the safari may vary, but it is usually around 3-4 hours.

It’s important to note that the park remains closed during the monsoon season, generally from July to October, so it’s important to plan your visit accordingly.

How to reach Kanha National Park:
Kanha National Park is well-connected by various modes of transportation. Here’s how you can reach Kanha National Park using different local transport options:
1: By Taxi: Taxis or cabs can be a convenient mode of transportation to reach Kanha National Park. You can hire a taxi from nearby cities like Jabalpur, Raipur, Nagpur, or Gondia, which have better air and rail connectivity. To avoid car rental scams at airport and train stations in India, It’s always a good idea to book your taxi online in advance to ensure a hassle-free trip.
2: By Bus: State-run buses and private buses connect Kanha National Park to various cities and towns in the region. You can take a bus to the nearest towns like Mandla, Balaghat, or Kisli, which are close to the park, and then hire a local taxi or shared jeep from there to reach Kanha National Park.
3: By Train: The nearest railway stations to Kanha National Park are Jabalpur (165 km) and Gondia (145 km). These stations are well-connected to major cities in India.
4: By Air: The nearest airports to Kanha National Park are Jabalpur Airport (165 km) and Raipur Airport (250 km). These airports have regular flights from major cities in India.

Attention: To avoid car rental scams at airport and train stations in India, It’s always a good idea to book your taxi online in advance to ensure a hassle-free trip.

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