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How to Book Train Tickets in India

June 7, 2023
Car Rental Delhi - Step-by-Step Guide: Booking Train Tickets in India

Want to book a train ticket for your travel in India?? Unfortunately the process of booking train tickets for foreign tourists can occasionally pose challenges due to a complex booking process, technical online obstacles, and identification requirements. BUT don’t worry we have a good news for all foreign travellers because today, we aim to simplify it by presenting 6 distinct and effortless methods that will assist you in effortlessly booking train tickets for your travel within India. Here are some options you can consider::

1: Book Train Tickets Online (from your home country):
A: IRCTC ( IRCTC is the official website of Indian Railways and one of the most popular platforms for booking train tickets in India. It offers a user-friendly interface and provides a wide range of options for ticket booking, including different classes, and prices. However, note that creating an account on IRCTC requires an Indian mobile number for registration. In any case on arrival in India, you can buy a local Indian Sim card, which will enables you to book directly through this website.
B: Cleartrip ( Cleartrip is a well-known online travel portal that allows you to book train tickets in India. It offers a simple and intuitive interface, and you can easily search for train availability, compare fares, and make bookings. Cleartrip accepts international payment methods, making it convenient for foreign travelers.
C: Yatra ( Yatra is another reputable travel website that offers train ticket bookings in India. It provides a comprehensive platform for searching trains, checking availability, and making bookings. Yatra accepts international credit cards, making it accessible for foreign travellers.
D: Goibibo ( Goibibo is a well-known online travel booking platform that allows you to book train tickets in India. It provides a user-friendly interface, and you can easily search for trains, compare fares, and make reservations. Goibibo accepts international payment methods as well.

2: Book Train Tickets Online (After arriving in India):
After arriving in India, buy a local Indian Sim card which will enables you to book directly through any of the above website. How to buy Indian Sim Card?

3: Book Train Tickets through Foreign Quota (After arriving in India):
The “Foreign Quota” in train tickets in India refers to a limited number of seats or berths that are specifically reserved for foreign tourists or non-resident Indians (NRIs). The purpose of the Foreign Quota is to accommodate the needs of foreign travellers who may require train reservations during their visit to India.
A: Availability: The seats/berths under the Foreign Quota are separate from the general availability. This means that even if the general quota is full, there might still be seats/berths available under the Foreign Quota.
B: Booking Process: To access the Foreign Quota, foreign tourists or NRIs need to approach designated reservation counters at select railway stations in India. These counters are typically available at major tourist destinations or stations with high footfall.
C: Proof of Foreign Identity: When booking tickets under the Foreign Quota, foreign tourists will need to provide proof of their foreign identity. This usually includes presenting a valid passport.

* Near Train Stations, be cautious of individuals who approach you claiming to be tourist information officers or offering to guide you to popular tourist attractions.
** Scammers may pose as ticket agents and offer to book train tickets for you at inflated prices or provide counterfeit tickets. Always book your train tickets from inside Train Station office (not outside train station).

4: Book Train Tickets via Direct Reservation Counters at Train Stations:
You can visit directly the reservation counters at all major train stations in India and book your train tickets in person. The staff at the counters will assist you with the process. The staff at reservation counters are accustomed to dealing with tourists and are generally helpful. They can guide you in selecting the right train, class, and route based on your preferences and travel plans. You can ask them for information about train schedules, availability, fares, and any other queries you may have.
A: Documentation: Please ensure that you carry a valid passport with you.
B: Payment: At reservation counters, you can make the payment in Indian currency (Indian Rupees). Cash payment is widely accepted, but some counters may also accept credit or debit cards. It’s a good idea to carry sufficient cash with you in case card payment options are not available.

5: Book Train Tickets with Small Local Travel Agents shops on Streets:
There are hundreds of such small shops everywhere in all tourist cities. These agencies can also assist you in finding and booking the right train tickets on small commission basis. These Travel agencies specializing in ticket bookings have staff with expertise and knowledge of the Indian train booking system. They are familiar with the various ways to book, classes, routes, and availability of trains. They can provide guidance and recommendations based on the traveller’s preferences and requirements. They can help book seats together for groups or families, and accommodate specific requirements, such as lower berths or seats near windows. Once they book they will deliver to your hotel.

6: Book Train Tickets with Hotels in India:
Hotels in India also assist foreign guests with booking train tickets. Hotels may have dedicated travel desks or tie-ups with small local travel agencies that specialize in booking train tickets. The hotel staff can help foreign guests navigate the ticket booking process, either by booking tickets on their behalf or by assisting them in doing so online. Once they book they will deliver to your hotel room. PS: You can also request your hotel to book it before your arrival in India.

Attention: To avoid car rental scams at airport and train stations in India, It’s always a good idea to book your taxi online in advance to ensure a hassle-free trip.

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