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November 1, 2017
Car Rental Delhi

Holi, as we all know, is the festival of colors. Different states of India celebrate Holi in their unique ways but the charm and appeal are totally different in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is a state glittering with a wide gamut of colors; Holi is the absolute ceremony that meets with the character and uniqueness of this particular state. So if you are planning for a Holiday trip to India you must visit Rajasthan during Holi.

Holi is the festival of multifarious charms, its aura undeniable and vibrancy unpreventable. People of Rajasthan believe in the celebration of life, they do put their heart into various celebrations which makes their festivals distinct. It is because of this reason Holi has special importance in Rajasthan and the way it is celebrated draws a lot of tourist attraction from all over the globe. All India tour companies also provide special packages during this time. The preparation for the occasion itself starts days before the actual date within numerous rituals involved. So during making Tour plans in India, Rajasthan visit during Holi should top your chart.

Braj Mahotsav is the Braj festival which is celebrated in the name of Lord Krishna before Holi in the month of March with lots of enthusiasm and zeal. The excitement can be observed in the entire Bharatpur region in the forms of traditional songs and dance and people splashing colors on each other.

Holi festival is celebrated in many ways and Mali Holi is one among them. The Mali community of Rajasthan has a distinct style where the men splash colors on their wives and their wives respond by hitting them with sticks.

Dolchi Holi at Bikaner is also amongst the unique style of playing Holi where community members of ‘Harsh’ and ‘Vyas’ have been celebrating Holi for more than three centuries. A specially designed vessel Dolchi made from camel skin is used for this purpose and there is a norm that the water can only be splashed at the back of an individual. Color is not used in this Holi and only men community can participate.

Gair at Godaji is another unique style of enjoying Holi after few days of Holi where troops of men from different villages of Rajasthan participate to play Gair in the Godaji village. Each village represents themselves with their own troops and surrounded by picturesque scenario all over.

The Holi celebration by the royals is nonetheless remarkable. On this very occasion, the Royals in their most breathtaking attire join with the common people to play Holi in the most mirthful manner.

Dhulandi festival has a special charm in Rajasthan as it is celebrated in the capital city of Jaipur where people from all the caste and creed unite to play Holi together in gaiety smearing them in color.

So this year come and get yourself drenched in the myriad of colors and feel the actual essence of India that you are dreamt off in Rajasthan with the most amazing Organized tours of India guided by the most experienced tour experts.

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