Holi in Rajasthan: All The Festivities Which Colour Its Air

January 23, 2019
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A trip of India is incomplete without taking in the brilliance of holi. There are many tour to India which offer escorted tours in India. You can also contact travel agencies in India to get more offers. The festival of colours is a delight to behold and participate in. It is celebrated with much fervour all over the country, but the splendour with which holi is carried out in Rajasthan, is another spectacle to behold. Held in the month of March, the aura and aroma of the festival permeates the air right from February itself when the slowly declining winter finally gives way to a short but happy spring. You can take part in these festivities by booking a car rental from delhi, Mumbai or wherever you are staying.

Here’s how it is celebrated in various parts of the state:

Mali Holi in Ajmer

A very famous way of conducting this festival in the mali community is by their special tradition where men put colours on women and then they respond by hitting the men with a wooden stick or bamboo stick. This custom is a mark of brotherhood and is said to strengthen unity among everyone. The entire city gets steeped in the colours and festivities going on and it is the a one must visit place for the essential holi celebration. If you are from Delhi, then getting a car rental Delhi to visit this place would work best as then you will be able to witness the true charm of the festival.

Dolchi Holi in  Bikaner

Dating back 300 years, this is an ancient tradition of holi and follows a custom of menfolk throwing water over other men in a special vessel known as Dolchi which is made from camel skin. It is believed that this tradition actually started because of a dispute over food between two rival communities. This throwing water on each other became a practise when later became a tradition. This type of holi is just played by men as the women and kids just look on. Over the decades, it has come to mark brotherhood as well.

Gair Holi in Ajmer

Holi is celebrated in various ways in Ajmer itself and amidst all the colors of gulaal, there is another form of holi called Gair holi which is celebrated in the adjoining places of Ajmer. Men from the nearby places and villages, whose count can get upto even 12 villages together gather around to participate in here. They bring drums along with other musical instruments to pump up the excitement everywhere. These drumming troupes gather together in the Godaji Village near of Ajmer and the ecstasy of the music coupled with the influence of thandai, bhang and other sweetened delicacies brings over indescribable glee everywhere. The best way to see all the villages which take part in this auspicious holi ceremony is by getting a car rental Delhi or get one from where you live.

Holi is a colorful, bright and beautiful ceremony which shouldn’t be missed and if you are thinking of how to get to India then India holidays tour packages which will make it easier for you to choose one which is within your budget.