Holi Celebrations in Rajasthan’s Jaipur

January 23, 2019
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A trip to India is incomplete without going on a proper organized tour of India. This will let you see the true beauty of the country. But there is one festival which you shouldn’t miss seeing or experiencing- Holi, especially in Rajasthan’s Jaipur.

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and it is popularly known as the pink city. This city puts its own spin on fairs and festivals which enriches it and makes it unique. The festival of colours represents a cultural richness which is unmatched and this makes people celebrate it with a lot of zeal and vivacity. The happiness can be felt in the air, while people are buying colours and talking to each other. The houses are decorated with a lot of rangolis, various kinds of traditional cuisines like sweet shakarpara, papdi and gunjiya are prepared. To truly see each and every picture of the festival, travelling in a vehicle is a must. Try renting a car from Car Rental Delhi to enjoy some short tours within India.

Here is how the festival is celebrated in Jaipur:

  • On the first day of holi, people at first make a bonfire. This is done to symbolize a mythological tale which involves Prahlaad and his aunt Holika. People worship the bonfire before and after it gets lit. The phase before lighting it is called ‘Thanda Holi’ (Cold Holi) and the phase after lighting it is called ‘Garam Holi’ (Warm Holi). People carry out this ritual because they believe worshipping the holika bonfire brings happiness and prosperity to their homes. It is also thought to ensure that they will be purified from all their impurities.
  • The second day of holi celebrations continue as Dhulandi. It’s the main day when people enjoy throwing colours on each other and kids spray each other with water mixed colours. The colours flying around are as different as the rainbow and people greet each other by putting colours on each other’s face. Here’s a tip: make sure you buy different colours, atleast two, because putting the same one doesn’t really look good. You will find yourself amongst loud music, drinks and food; it’s a atmosphere unlike any other.

Here is the one place you must go to celebrate holi:

Govind Dev Ji Temple

Located in Jaipur, this temple is the oldest Jaipur temple and it is also the most worshipped one of the city. Holi is associated with Lord Krishna and Radha, so the divinity of this temple increases more during this occasion. Celebrations here continue for a week and these week long festivities include playing holi with various natural colours called ‘abeer’ as well as with sandalwood powder. Come here and admire the various types of Jhakhams of Lord Krishna present in the temple. These are unique and they change everyday. They symbolize a festival of harmony and love. In the temple you can see the various dances which show the Raas Leela of Radha Krishna. On the final day of the festival, the temple priest sprinkles colours on an idol of Lord Krishna as well as Goddess Radha.

Holi is a special festival which is celebrated in a really unique manner in the state of Rajasthan. You can opt to rent a car from various sites like Car Rental Delhi to enjoy a proper tour in India where you get to see all the sights, sounds and smell of the place.