Holi: A Guide To Celebrating It In Rajasthan

January 23, 2019
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The customs and rituals of holi in Rajasthan improve the beauty of the state even more. If you want to see more of this wonderful state then renting a car from car rental Delhi’s amazing car collection will let you Travel by car in India to enjoy a Trip of India like it is meant to be enjoyed. But there’s a whole lot more to see apart from just the colours so here is a small itinerary on what to eat, where to celebrate and which parties to attend during holi.

To Eat:

Drinks and Food

There’s a whole lot of amazing food to gorge on during the festival. Signature holi beverages like bhang, lassi, thandai and more flows through the crowd. As for food, there’s a platter full of various offerings which range from paneer preparations to pakodas.


Rajasthan offers something really unique when it comes to desserts. Gujiya is the most famous of holi treats. These are fried dough pockets which are filled up with delicious nuts, khoya and jaggery. These sweet dumplings are later on dipped in sugar syrup after being fried. Gujiyas are a major part of holi all across North India but they are known to have been originated in Rajasthan.

The most popular places to check out to enjoy Holi in Rajasthan:

Jaipur and Udaipur

Holi is a major festival which is celebrated in Rajasthan and in these two cities it is blessed by the patronage from the royal families. The celebration goes on for a total of two days. The first day of holi begins with holika celebrations which takes place at the City Palace in Udaipur prominently, but there are other places where it is carried out as well. Lighting the Holika is a duty which is carried out by the current generation of the Mewar dynasty. The next morning, the celebrations of holi begin on the streets of Udaipur and Jaipur.

In the latter city, an elephant kicks off the celebrations. But an elephant is just the beginning of what is a massive parade that includes decorated camels, elephants and horses accompanied by folk dancing throughout the streets. This parade also involves a friendly competition to see who can decorate their animal most lavishly. But a parade is not the end as visitors can enjoy seeing elephant races, polo and tug-of-war. These cities are enjoyed better if you see it in a car and Car Rental Delhi is here to help you do it. They have every type of car available for rent- from an Innova car on rent in Delhi for large groups to small cars for a little travel group, they have it all. They aim to make your travelling across India worth it.

As for holi parties, Jaipur offers a lot of them, so check these out:

Rang Barse

This is an open air music festival which also has a slight touch of Bollywood in it. It generally takes place in janpath Lane, shyam Nagar, Jaipur.

Color of Dreams

As the name says, it’s full of dance, music and colours. It takes place at JLN road, Jaipur and you can get tickets for 500 INR if you are early.

Holi Reloaded

Celebrate the festival with rain parties, dancing and cocktail parties. This isn’t an indie party as commercial tunes will be blaring all around. It takes place near Vaishali nagar in Jaipur

When on a holiday trip to India, make sure to stay for the festival of holi because the beauty of this festival and the enthusiasm for it is just unmatched anywhere else.