January 12, 2018
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Why should you go on the Golden Triangle Visit in India?

The Golden Triangle of India is one of the famous tourist circuits in the country consisting of the three most important cities namely Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. Most of the India tour packages from Delhi offer the Golden Triangle to the tourists who are coming to visit India from abroad. The cities of Golden Triangle are well connected through the different modes of transportation like road, rail, and air. Most of the Travel agencies in India provide the tourists with a package for discovering the charm and aura of every city in the circuit. The Government of India has also provided some luxury trains as a mode of transportation among the three cities in the Golden Triangle. The three cities in the triangle are extremely famous as they are the historic hotspots of India. It not only has historic monuments and ancient forts but also holds various cultural festivals that have been the tradition of the land. Car Rental Delhi helps in covering the cities in the Golden Triangle and making the Holiday trip to India memorable.

Each destination of the triangle is different in the aspects of history, food, culture, and tradition. Other than being historic places of great importance the three places are the perfect places for the ones who love shopping. Each of the destinations has colorful bazaars selling authentic and interesting items to the tourists. Car Rental Delhi can be the perfect option to explore the places in the Golden Triangle. Traveling across India can be fun in these places as one not only receives warm hospitality but also gets budget friendly accommodation. All of this together will surely make the memories of Incredible India to be cherished forever.

Places included in the Golden Triangle

  1. Delhi

Delhi the capital of India attracts thousands of tourists every year and most of them go for the Delhi tourism packages. It is the place where one starts with the journey of Golden Triangle. Tourists at times get confused as Delhi has been divided into Old Delhi and New Delhi. New Delhi is the seat of the avenues of the Government of India and hence is the modernized and well-planned city. This portion of the city has different historical monuments like Purana Quilla, Qutub Minar, the 2000-year-old Ashoka Emblem, the Lotus Temple which is an example of modern architecture. On the other hand, Old Delhi is the historical place in India which had been the seat and capital of the powerful empires in India which had ruled her during the past. It was the capital during the empires of Tughlaqs, Khiljis, Mughals and also the British. Purani Dilli is characterized by the same bustling life and spirit as it was centuries earlier. While walking through the narrow lanes between old buildings, one can get the essence of the past and bygone era with old architecture of the Mughal period. The major attractions of Old Delhi are Jama Masjid, Lal Quilla, Delhi Gate and the wholesale markets of Chandni Chowk, Nai Sadak, Dhariyaganj and Khari Baoli also attracts the one who wants to go on a shopping spree. Innova car on rent in Delhi can help in discovering the places and can also help the tourists to taste some authentic Mughal dishes.

  1. Agra

The next destination of the Golden Triangle is Agra. While moving from Delhi to Agra, one will surely wait to have the view of one of the Seven Wonders of the World – the Taj Mahal, built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan as a symbol of love for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. This monument is the only reason for many tourists for visiting India. The beauty of intricate craftsmanship on white marble of the monument cannot be described in words. Besides the Taj Mahal, Agra has more to offer to the tourists. The warm hospitality of the place is cherished by all and the authentic cuisine and delicacies like the Agra Petha add an extra flavor to the journey to Agra. The architectural grandeur of the city is not only reflected by Taj but also the others like Sikandra, Agra Fort, Akbar’s Tomb, and the various types of architecture present in the interiors of Fatehpur Sikri. Agra is also known to be the place where one can find out some of the finest marbles, carpet making, embroidery work, leather work and leather goods. Some of the thriving markets in the place where a shopaholic can spend their whole day are Sadar Bazar, Kinnari Bazar, Sanjay Place and Shah Market.

  1. Jaipur

Being Rajasthan’s capital, Jaipur wears the crown of the royalty of Western India. Most of the buildings and monuments here are built with red stones exhibiting pink color and is hence known as the Pink City. This old historical city lives with its own history, culture, and tradition with magnificent and old forts of the Rajputs and breathtaking royal palaces. The city with the forts and palaces symbolizes the royal heritage and lineage of the Indian Rajputs. Some such historical and architectural gems present in the city of Jaipur are the Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort and City Palace. Some of the other places attracting the tourists are the Jantar Mantar Observatory, Albert Hall Museum and the other museums which are mainly located near the forts. It is extremely intriguing to visit the old city of Jaipur as one can not only enjoy the historical seats of India but can also enjoy the festivals of the land like Sitla Mata Fair, Elephant Festival, Chaksu Fair and the Jaipur Literature Festival. Besides these, one can surely get to enjoy the spicy Rajasthani Cuisine and hang out in the markets selling jewelry, stones, items of ivory, handmade art crafts, puppets and a lot more. The colorful markets surely catch the attention and interest of all. The folk music and cultural dances is another major attraction of the place.

The main magic of enjoying the Golden Triangle with Car Rental Delhi is that one gets to enjoy the different traditions and culture of the three separate places but with a bond that unites the spirit of all the places of India.