October 10, 2017
Car Rental Delhi

One of the best ways to tour across India is to travel by train. Traveling across India by train is far and away smoother and more comfortable than using buses. It is also highly recommendable that you travel across India by train if the journey will last overnight. The railways in India are quite safe, and are ranked as the largest utility employer in the world, with about 1.5 million workers. India has about 7000 train stations ramified into various locations in India, available for both citizens and people that come for vacation in India.


Evidently, the first thing to do before boarding is to book a ticket. Booking a train ticket in India is stress-free and can be done practically in few minutes. If you are present in India, you can also contact for train tickets, although a commission fee will be added. We also exist to assist people that are interested in travelling across India by train. We offer tours at very affordable prices and we remain the nonpareil organization to assist you in touring in India. Irrespective of the method you decide to go for, it is easy and takes little time. An Indian mobile number and active email are part of the prerequisites of booking a train ticket.

What is the best method? We know this is the question you are asking yourself. We would have said go in person, but the major drawback of that is it is too stressful. Accordingly, to escape the stress, we urge you to leave all the processes to us and travel with us. Online method for example, has had some travelers making their complaints.  Some complained of being unable to register while some encountered issues when trying to make use of their credit cards. People that travelled for vacation in India tend to succumb immediately they face little issues like this. It is worthy to be known by people interested in traveling across India that only 6 train tickets can be booked in one calendar month. Subsequent booking after completing the limited number of online booking can be done in person. Your ticket fee is also refundable but some things have to be met before this is possible.


Immediately after arriving at the train station, you should get a reservation slip available at the information window. You are to fill the slip with appropriate details. The things that you will be asked to fill include, the name of the departure station, destination station, the class you are traveling with, the name of the train, as well as the number of the train. Join the long queue where your ticket will be printed.


If it is your first time for a vacation in India, you may not know that bookings open up to 120 days before departure. Yes, you have a whole 120 days to book if you will be traveling across India. You are also mandated to make a reservation for chair-car, executive-chair-car, sleeper, 1AC, 2AC and 3AC carriages. If you really don’t want to miss travelling across India, I propose you book as early as possible, for trains are always busy. Accordingly, get your reserved tickets quickly and get ready for a high point of your vacation in India.