October 29, 2017
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The A and B blocks of CP’s Inner Circle, welcome you with Rodeo and Zen, popular for years for their Mexican and Chinese delicacies, respectively. Lighter meals can be had at Wenger’s, with their fabled shami kebabs, patties and pastries. Go even lighter with a milkshake in a range of flavours at what the old and hugely popular Keventers offers – only the name has now changed to Shake Square.

D block brings you Warehouse Café with some great terrace seating that yields lovely view of CP, especially in the evening; a nice place for long chats over your drinks. Further head, in E block is an excellent place to gorge on Mediterranean and Thai Food, all kind of drinks.

At F block The Host has a loyal clientele of old-timers looking for butter Chicken, achari tikka or tea time snacks. A decades –old paradise of tasty, greasy North Indian food, the no-fuss and often none-too-clean KAKE DA HOTEL in the Municipal Market is de rigueur for its Butter Chicken, and chicken and meat curries.

At L block Outer Circle, Veda does a candle-lit, heavily designed ambience with excellent North Indian food that has touches of adventure and fusion. Lamb-stuffed Chicken, tulsi-Paneer tikka, and Permesen kulcha should give you and idea. At P block, Side work serves some excellent Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese food.
At N Block, facing Scindia House, you get another bunch of eateries. Among these, blues has a pleasant feel with a good vibe, easy music, and a range of decent food so you could have nachos, steaks or tikkas with your drinks.

Right opposite, Rajdhani, at Scindia House, is the most satisfying it can get for conscienytious vegetarians. An all-you-can eat thali, with an incredible array of Gujrati or Rajasthani food; smoked lassi, dhoklas and vadas, several special starters, Kadhi, dal, gravies, dry veggies bajre ki roti, puran poli, khichdi, chutneys, pickles and papads,shrikhand halwa…….

As for the chain names, Connaught Place houses many; Barista at Regal Building, starbucks at A Block, McDonald’s at B Block, Pizza Hut at D Block, Domino’s at N Block and fully eight outlets of café Coffee Day!