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We don't need any advance OR deposit.Payment to be done on arrival in Delhi (after looking your car and driver). 1: Cash Indian Rupees (any bills) OR USD/ Euros (new currency and only 50 & 100 bills). 2: By credit card (+6% extra). 3: Paying online through our website (+10% e... Read More

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Travelling is an activity which helps us in exploring the world we live in. It helps us in knowing about new places, peoples, cuisines, among other things. If you have planned a tour to India, you would be overwhelmed by the ex... Read More


HAUZ KHAS VILLAGE AND MONUMENTS: Once upon a time, more specifically, in the year 1300, Delhi’s Sultan Allaudin Khilji built a vast reservoir – a ‘hauz’ – for his people. Later in the 1350’s, Sultan Feroze Shah Tughlaq, a prolific builder, built a m... Read More


When the British Raj decided to shift its capital from Calcutta to Delhi in 1911, they wanted a new seat of power that would speak of their imperial power to the natives, and the world. The viceroy’s palatial home would make a perfect symbol for such majesty. Among the woods and relocat... Read More


Interestingly, the last of the great Mughal garden-tombs in Delhi was neither made by, nor hosts, a Mughal ruler of Delhi. Safdarjung was the governor of Awadh and a powerful prime minister of Mughal king, Muhammad Shah. It was his son, Shuja-ud-Daulah, who built the tomb in 1754. You ... Read More