It is to be noted that our Car Hire Agency is approved by: Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India. All of our cars are extremely well maintained. We boast in providing the car hire services with driver all over in India which maintain the European standards along with the services of high standard and quality. Our cars are serviced at frequent intervals so that all their parts are checked and they do not have a breakdown of any sort while they are on road. Moreover, their interiors and exteriors are maintained in a very well manner so that every time one rides the cars, he gets the feel of journeying in a newly bought car. Along with providing our customers with the proper license and papers of the cars on a rental basis, we also provide the papers which state the approval provided to our agency by the Government of India.

We are highly satisfied with our quality of our rental cars and drivers and we provide this assurance to our new customers based on the satisfaction rate of our old customers. We have 99.9% satisfaction rate of our customers.  Each and every driver whom we provide to you have a proper driving license and our agency has performed police verification for each one of them so that you can travel with them without any a headache. None of them are involved in any fraudulent activity and they are totally trustworthy. Besides just being a driver they have the humane instinct which helps you while you are traveling with them for long distances. Besides driving in a professional manner, they surely help you with various activities in which you need help while traveling. They also provide you with expert opinions to enjoy a safe, healthy and happy journey on road. One can totally rely on them while they are driving as each of them has a minimum experience of five years. The minimum 5 years of experience in professional driving is the criteria that we make sure is met with while recruiting the drivers for driving our cars. Hence your happy journey is assured by our agency with our drivers while you book them. Besides their experience, every driver extends an extremely friendly behavior with the customers.

  • If you have list of hotels, please let us know, we guarantee for best and competitive offers (better than all other online booking websites).
  • Price mentioned below can change (subject to availability).
  • Please expect to hear from us within 12 hours of your query. If that hasn’t happened, we need to know !!!
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Maruti Dzire

starts @ INR: 10/km

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Toyota Innova Regular

starts @ 13/km

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Toyota Innova CRYSTA

starts @ 15/km

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Tempo Traveller

starts @ INR: 20/per km


starts @ subject to itinerary

Volvo 42 Seater Bus

(with & without washroom) starts @ subject to itinerary

Luxury bus (15-40 seater)

starts @ subject to itinerary

Audi A6

starts @ INR: 50/km

Honda City

starts @ INR: 15/km