Some few words so that you know us better !!!!!!!

Bobby Thakur, CEO and Founder of  Car Rental Delhi started as a private driver in 1995. During this period, he met many travellers far and became interested by others countries. He appreciated these special relationships and the discovery of different cultures. Gradually he formed the dream of building his own travel agency.

His relationships with his clients grew into friendships, he began to learn French, the adventure started when in 1995 he founded Car Rental Delhi , Beginning with providing dedicated car rental services with private drivers, the company has expanded a complete travel agency later named Kalka Travels specializing in travel to all India.

The company promise to our clients is to help you to create a personalized Indian Holiday that you will never forget!

Car Rental Delhi

Bobby has a hands on approach to his business. He greets you in his office at your arrival in Delhi and offers a brief but very informative introduction to India, providing small details that other agencies overlook in order for your independent travel to remain as hassle free as possible. He is on call 24/7 and encourages you to contact him should you have even the smallest difficulty during your holiday. Most importantly, Bobby offers you his personal guarantee that his company is one of the very few in India who do not have any commissioned based relationships with any shops or businesses. You will never feel under pressure to visit shops or businesses, restaurants or other places which are not of your own choosing. This is almost a one of a kind guarantee in India!

On the managing side, Bobby is also very careful about the well being of the staff. We truly believe that a company is working thanks to everybody who is involved in it so that they should also be satisfied of their work to be able to satisfy you. Of course, all of our drivers are kind, with minimum 5 years of experience, they perfectly know the tourism world and get all the authorizations of work.

Currently, we have our own fleet of 40+ vehicles which explains our very competitive prices.

Last but not least, conscious about their social responsibilities inside Mother India, they have decided to sponsor a local association, promoting through them a responsible and sustainable tourism. Do not hesitate to contact them about this in order to know more about it and maybe to help them to sustain this project!

In one word, the logo “Atithi devo bhava” means that the quality of service is – the masala of our company.

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