Car rental Delhi, India - Delhi, India car rental, car rental Agra, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
Car hire Delhi, Agra, Rajasthan, India - Car rental Delhi, Agra, Rajasthan, India
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Car hire in Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
Delhi / Agra / Delhi
one day trip
@ INR: 6,100
per car with driver
03 nights / 04 days
Golden triangle trip

@ INR: 8,000
per person
car + driver + hotels
05 nights / 06 days
Golden triangle trip
@ INR: 11,000
per person
car + driver + hotels
13 nights / 14 days
Delhi + Rajasthan + Agra
@ INR: 30,000
per person
car + driver + hotels
20 nights / 21 days
Delhi + Rajasthan + Agra + Varanasi / Delhi

@ INR: 44,000
car + driver + hotels
14 days Rajasthan tour
Delhi + Rajasthan + Agra
@ INR: 30,000
per AC car (not per person) with driver
max temp. in Delhi : 31 o C min. temp. in Delhi : 25 o C sunrise in Delhi : 05H30 sunset in Delhi : 19H20
Car rental Delhi, India - Delhi, India car rental, car rental Agra, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
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   We don't have any competition who charge less, BUT we compete who serve better than us.

   We donate 10% of our profit to an old age home which is responsible for free food, medical and accommodation to old

*    Price not valid for long weekends, last minute bookings and school holidays in India, Europe, USA, UK and Switzerland.


Buses Running from Delhi ISBT (Inter state bus terminal)

Delhi to Chandigarh
Every 5 min non A/C bus
Every 30 Min A/C bus

Delhi to Amritsar
First Bus at 4:30 Am, 5:10, 6:10, 8:20 after every 2 hrs
Last Bus at 9:50 Pm

Delhi to Dharamshala
First bus at 5:30 Pm
Last Bus at 11 Pm
Total 12 Bus all Non A/C, A/C and Volvo

Delhi to Manali
First bus at 5:20 Pm
Last Bus at 10 Pm
Total 22 Bus all Non A/C, A/C and Volvo

Delhi to Haridwar
First bus at 5 Am after every 30 min Non A/C
A/C Bus at 8 Am, 9, 11 Evening 8 Pm, 9, 11 Last bus at 12 Mid night

Delhi to Srinagar J&K
Only one bus at 1 Pm (NOON)

Delhi to Jaipur
Two bus in morning 6:10 Am, 10:30 Am
Evening at 10 Pm after every 30 min till 5 Am

Delhi to Udaipur
Only one bus at 5 Pm

Delhi to Varanasi
12 Noon Deluxe Non A/C
2 Pm A/C Volvo
8 Pm A/C Deluxe


Delhi to Gwalior
First at 2:30 Pm, 3 Pm, 4 Pm, 5 Pm

Delhi to Jodhpur
One at 5 Am via Sikar
One at 7:20 Am via Jaipur
One at 8:30 Pm via Jaipur

Delhi to Agra
A/C Volvo
First at 7 Pm, 7:30 Pm last at 11:30 Pm
Non A/C normal first at 6 Am
Last at 11 Pm (Every 30 min in between)


Delhi to Jaipur
A/C Volvo
First at 6 Am
Last at 12 Noon (Every 1 Hour in between)

Delhi to Udaipur
A/C Volvo
One at 3 Pm and One at 4:30 Pm

Delhi to Jodhpur
A/C Volvo
One at 5 Pm and One at 12:30 Am (Mid Night)

Camel Fair Pushkar, Rajasthan, India 2016: From 28 October - 04 November 2017

The small and beautiful town of Pushkar is set in a valley just about 14 km off Ajmer in the north Indian state of Rajasthan. Surrounded by hills on three sides and sand dunes on the other, Pushkar forms a fascinating location and a befitting backdrop for the annual religious and cattle fair which is globally famous and attracts thousands of visitors from all parts of the world. Many years ago I met a wandering ascetic on the shores of Pushkar Lake. He was on a world wide pilgrimage, he told me then. Years later I met him again, he had settled into Pushkar and rarely left the town.

"What happened to your pilgrimage Baba ji?" I asked him upon greeting him, reminding him of his intention to see the world. He fixed me with his knowing gaze and responded, "The whole world comes to Pushkar, you only have to sit and wait."

He was right of course, Pushkar is the centre of the world to the locals all year round but during the annual Camel Fair it draws people from all over the world. Traders with cattle arrive from all neighboring states setting up camp in the fair grounds. The best time to take a wander around there is in the very early morning when the cooking fires are being lit and cattle are being prepared for sale. Although the fair is famous for the sale of camels, other cattle are bought at traded included the majestic Marwari horse.

The town becomes a centre of festivities as in the fairs of old. There are competitions for fancy camels, men compete to have the longest mustache, colorful tribal people ply their wares and the greeting "RAM RAM SAHIB" echoes around the valley. Indians recognise life as a journey and fairs are the opportunity for travelers along the road of life to meet and connect, its a time to make friends and share stories over camp fires and the only entry ticket you need to the hearts and minds of the people are the words "Ram Ram Sahib".

Car rental Delhi, India - Delhi, India car rental, car rental Agra, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

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